Warriors News · Athletic Update

With the official cancellation of in person schooling, there are several updates:

  1. Pay to Participate
    Prior to March 16th, several pay to participate payments were submitted for spring sports.  Please read the following carefully:
    **If your check has not been deposited, the check will be destroyed and voided.**If you would like a refund of your payment, please contact Barb Cackovich in the Treasurer’s Office at barbara.cackovic@wbwarriors.org.

    **If you would like your payment rolled over to the next sports’ season, please contact Ellie Geiger in the Athletic Office at ellie.geiger@wbwarriors.org.

  2. Winter Sports Awards
    Awards for Winter Sports’ Athletes are being completed.  Coaches will be in contact with athletes with directions on how/when/where they can pick up their awards.  Arrangements will be made on a sport by sport basis some time after May 1st.
  3. Spring Sports Uniform Turn In/Order Pick Up
    Uniform turn in for spring sports and/or order pick up will be arranged by spring sports’ coaches on a sport by sport basis some time after May 1st.
  4. Team Activities
    For the foreseeable future, until further updates from Governor DeWine and the OHSAA, team activities, on or off, school facilities are suspended.
  5. OHSAA Updates
    When information regarding Fall Sports’ eligibility and physical paperwork is released, along with summer programming information, that will be posted.  Hopefully that information will be coming within the next few weeks.